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The Finizio's

From jobsite Foreman to Owner, Joe Finizio has a proven success in designing & installing all aspects of landscape construction projects. Joe has passed down his experience and knowledge to his sons Nick & Joey, while allowing them to gain their own skills and field experience.

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About Us

Joe Finizio, President

Provides the firm with the knowledge and skills to implement all phases of outdoor construction. With over 40 years in the landscape industry, Joe has worked on a wide variety of projects. In experiencing these projects, his ability to schedule, oversee and, most importantly, "Finish the job" has grown. Joe is an CMHA certified paver installer and a NALP certified manager. Over the years, Joe has developed a talent for installing brick and stone pavers, stonewalls, plantings, grading, and many other site-specific tasks.  He has passed down his knowledge  to our foremen and crews while allowing them to learn and solve on-site issues. Joe's personal attention and abilities, combined with his professional attitude on the job, will ensure the job is guaranteed to please upon completion. Joe travels between project sites to attend to specific client needs and desires, as well as, overseeing the day-to-day construction of the project.


1983 -BS Business Management, Glassboro State College

PLANET – Landscape Industry Certified Manager March 5, 2009

ICPI Registered

Nick Finizio & Joey Finizio

At a young age, Nick and Joe had gained severe interest in the landscape industry so they quickly began to follow their father’s footsteps. They wanted to learn all about the business inside and out, so they earned business degrees and kept on learning in the field. From traveling from job to job with their father, to being leaders on the jobsite, they have grown to become diligent, knowledgeable, and responsible landscape installers. Nick and Joe now have tremendous experience in installing and maintaining luxurious landscapes. Like their father, Nick and Joe can be trusted in beautifying your home from start to finish.



 - Nick – 2015 – BS Business Management, Stockton University

 - Joe -  2017 – Certified Landscape Technician, BS Marketing, Rowan University

Continuing Education:

- Every year we attend trade shows, showcase events, and round-table events to further our industry knowledge and keep up with trends and new products

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